Consolidation phase in the Dukan diet

You finally went through the first two Dukan phases (attack and cruise phase) and you have lost all the weight you needed.

You now feel good, you feel proud of yourself because you have reached the right weight thanks to your efforts, but you must be really careful with this, as your achievement hasn’t finished yet.

Once followed the first two Dukan phases, you must continue with a third phase, the consolidation phase. This phase is as important as the other two as to avoid the fearful rebound effect, that is to say, you must avoid to make the same past mistakes and regain the lost weight, which took you a great effort to do.

However, for how long do you need to go on this consolidation phase? Which are the rules to follow? Now you have lost weight rapidly, let’s explain correctly how to follow this consolidation phase so as to consolidate your success.


The first golden rule you must know is how long you need to follow this phase. Dr. Dukan recommends to follow a very precise timescale, that is 10 days for every kilo you lose.

So if you’ve lost 5 kilos you need to follow this phase for 50 days (approximately a month and a half). If you’ve lost 20 kilos, you need to follow this phase for 200 days (for more than 6 months).

As we have said before, it is important you follow this phase in order to avoid the rebound effect, so you must follow it for a longer time. But, what kind of food can you eat?

Permitted food and rules

During the Consolidation Phase, you must continue eating the same high-protein foods as in the attack and cruise phase, as well as all the vegetables you want. On top of this, you must continue with the basic Dukan’s advice (which for sure will already sound familiar to you), that is:

  • Drink 2 liters of water a day.
  • Do some exercise a day
  • Take 2 tbsp oat bran daily.

But in this phase you can eat new things which will be described in the following list:

  • You must eat a fruit per day (except for bananas, cherries and grapes).
  • You can introduce new types of meat in your diet, such as pork meat.
  • You must also have two slices of whole-grain bread, as well as a serving of cured cheese (30 to 50 grams).
  • You can eat small amounts of starchy foods twice a week, such as rice, pasta or potatoes (for best results have the wholegrain ones in the first two products). What you can do for the first half of the phase is introducing one portion a week, then in the second half you can have two portions weekly. We have to add these products little by little because your body in this phase is very vulnerable to regain the extra kilos you already got rid of.
  • As well as the addition of starchy foods, you can also have up to two celebration meals a week where you can eat anything (a pizza, a burger with fries, soft drinks, etc.). These meals are designed to give you pleasure but are not intended to be a binge. The only golden rule is you mustn’t eat two celebration meals in a row (so if you ‘celebrate’ on a Saturday lunch, you shouldn’t also have a ‘celebration’ on Saturday night, too).
  • But here’s another catch: every Thursday, you go back to having nothing but pure protein. In other words, on Thursdays, you’ll be following a diet from the Attack Phase. This will not only ensure that you do not gain any weight on that day of the week, but also make up for the other days of the week. In the same way, it will help to cleanse your body.

This is the explanation of Dukan’s consolidation phase. You will be able to find more detailed information in his book. So you can go to your nearest bookshop and get Dr. Dukan’s book, because this diet is an extreme approach that facilitates fast and effective weight loss.

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