Cruise phase in the Dukan diet

Some days ago we were talking about the first phase in the Dukan diet, the attack phase. Here the body starts to eliminate all the retained liquids and it is actually when fat gets burnt.

We now want to talk about the second phase in this diet: the cruise phase.

In the cruise phase you lose the total amount of weight you want. This is why you need to be really well informed about how to handle the situation correctly during the time of the diet and you should know in detail what type of food to eat, as well as knowing which days you can eat vegetables and which ones you can’t.

What you need to know about the cruise phase

Before even starting to talk about this matter, you need to know some rules during this period:

  • You need to drink 2 liters of water a day in order to cleanse the body and burn fat.
  • You must exercise for at least 30 minutes a day (you could go for a walk at a rapid pace).
  • And finally, you must also take 2 tbsp oat bran daily.

Once these rules are established, we will explain how to handle this phase. This procedure will make you lose the desired weight fast.

How to follow this cruise phase

Permitted high-protein foods

We must clarify the permitted high-protein foods in this diet, that is to say:

  • Lean veal and ox meat. You can also include chicken, liver and tongue.
  • Fish and seafood (crawfish, goosefish, tuna, squid, etc)
  • Eggs cooked with little fat (grilled, boiled, etc.) You could also include some extra whites to make bigger omelettes.
    Lean cold meat, for example, cooked ham or turkey breasts.
  • Low-fat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese and white unripened cheese with no fat). You can also use skim milk for the coffee or tea. If your weight gets stuck, you should do without this type of products or at least consume them in a smaller quantity.

Permitted vegetables

There are a lot of permitted vegetables in the cruise phase: all kinds of lettuce, radish, spinach, tomato, chard, celery, eggplant, beet, pepper, asparagus, leek, carrot (take them occasionally), green beans, cabbage and mushrooms.

You can eat these vegetables in the desired amount, whenever you want and you can even mix them, if necessary. The only golden rule is to eat them until you are satisfied, that means, don’t eat them just to eat.

Prohibited vegetables

In this diet you can’t eat, among others, artichokes, potatoes, corn, beans, lentils and avocado, which is not a vegetable strictly speaking, but it is a very fatty fruit.

How do I alternate these vegetables in the cruise phase?

In the Dukan diet you must alternate the days of pure protein (PP), in which you can only eat proteinic food, and the days of protein and vegetables (PV), in which you can eat proteinic food and the permitted vegetables.

When people start this diet, they usually have a PP day and another PV day (1PP/1PV). Generally speaking this is the best way to do the diet, but it is true that doctor Dukan recommends not to follow this rule if you don’t feel like it and do it in the order you want to. For example, you can have 5PP/5PV, if you prefer.

In any case, the success of this diet lies in finding the type of food that you like the most, being creative with the recipes you prepare and combining them with your favorite vegetables in the right way. So you will be able to be in this cruise phase the strictly necessary period of time, lose all the weight you want and start the third phase in this diet, called the consolidation phase. In this phase you will be able to eat fruit and whole wheat bread.

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