Dukan’s attack phase

During the Dukan’s attack phase the organism starts to cleanse and burn fat. This Dukan’s phase has a 5-day-average duration and many types of food groups are allowed.

When you start the Dukan diet you need to follow through the first phase, which is commonly known as the attack phase or the high-protein phase. This phase will kick-start the diet.

The main aim of this process is to cleanse the body the first couple of days as to eliminate all the unnecessary waste. As you continue on the diet, it will be very common to urinate frequently. This happens because the body is eliminating all the accumulated toxins, wastes and liquids.

This attack phase generally lasts between 3 and 7 days (depending on the total weight you want to lose), and during these days you will only be able to eat proteins. That is to say, you’ll have to forget about other food that will be permitted further on, such as vegetables.

Permitted food

During these Dukan attack days you’ll be able to eat the following food in the desired amount and as many times as you want during the day:

  • Lean veal and ox meat. You can also include chicken breasts, liver and tongue.
  • Fish and seafood. There’s no distinction between these two categories, so you can eat oil-rich fish, like tuna.
  • You can also eat scrambled and/or boiled eggs. Having one or two eggs a day doesn’t have a negative effect on the health. You can also find refrigerated whites in the supermarket, which can be perfect for adding them to an omelet before cooking it (this will help you make larger omelets with almost no extra calories).
  • Lean cold meat, for example, cooked ham or turkey breasts. Salty or greasy cold cuts, such as Parma ham, are not allowed.
  • Low-fat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese and white unripened cheese with no fat). You can also use skim milk for the coffee or tea.
  • And finally, in this attack phase you must have 2 liters of water a day and a spoon and a half of oat bran.

Tips that will help you to follow this diet

Here you have some tips in order to make this diet as bearable as possible:

  • Use spices as much as you can. This could leave the monotony of the daily diet behind. You can cook with thyme, oregano, pepper, clove, etc. That is, cook with everything that can aromatize the food and give it a special touch. Use the juice of a squeezed lemon for the fish as well.
  • You can chew sugarfree chewing gum between meals to kill hunger (although if you are hungry you can eat something, because it is allowed to do so in this diet).
  • Sweeten your infusions and tea with aspartame. You can prepare a great amount of infusion and sweeten it. Then you could put it in the fridge and use it as a soft drink. In addition, it will make you urinate more often and consequently you’ll lose more weight.
  • You can drink as many diet soft drinks as you want if you like them, so make sure to have plenty of them at hand in your fridge.
  • Try not to use any type of oil for frying the food. Cook everything grilled instead.
  • A good way to start the day would be taking any vitamin complex bought in a pharmacy.

Effects and advantages of the attack phase

During the first days, you will lose a lot of weight. It is very common to lose at least 2 kilos and even much more in this Dukan phase (if you are really overweight).

From the third day on, the body will go through a stage called ketosis, so fat will be burnt very rapidly. When you enter ketosis your breath will smell differently and at the same time you could feel that your mouth gets drier. You can solve this problem either by buying a refreshing oral spray in a pharmacy or by drinking more water.

When you go through this ketosis stage you won’t be hungry. The ketone bodies have a satisfying effect. When you go through this stage you will know what I mean.

Try to take some natural products in order to go to the bathroom easily (this part of the diet could favor the constipation). The whole wheat could do good for this purpose.

As you can see, following this Dukan attack phase is not difficult at all. You will lose quite a lot of kilos and you will be able to move on to the next phase (the cruise phase).

In Dukan’s method book you can find much more useful advice and more detailed explanations that doctor Pierre Dukan offers.

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