Dukan’s stabilization phase

After having to make huge efforts, you could finally reach your goal weight. You went through the three phases Dukan recommends in his plan (attack phase, cruise phase and consolidation phase) and you already have a new body with a healthy metabolism. You now feel much better than before starting the diet.

This is the time to start with the permanent Dukan’s stabilization phase. You are really not going to find anything new in this phase, but it is important to get into your head that this plan will last forever.

The rules of the stabilization phase

You must admit something. You have a weight problem (or at least, you had it). Don’t be discouraged, because we all have a weak spot and in your case that’s the one. There are people who have migraines, others can’t see well, some others have weak knees, suffer from allergies to different types of substances and so on, but you are a person who gains weight very easily, that is why you need to watch your diet very carefully. With this permanent stabilization you will be able to maintain the present weight for many years.

In the stabilization phase you need to follow the same advice as in the consolidation phase, that means you should drink water, eat the permitted food in that phase of the diet, get some exercise, etc.

You must appeal to logic, be a sensible person and get to know the type of food that suits you best and what to eat during the day. You will learn how to do this throughout the diet. You must bear in mind that you need to follow the rules of the consolidation phase during all the week and you will be able to eat “whatever” you want for six days a week, except for Thursdays, which will be your Protein Only day (this rule is not negotiable).

So, the most important thing in this “new phase” is being aware of your new physical and health condition, as well as taking care of your eating habits for life. What you can’t do is making the same mistakes as you did in the past.

So nobody will notice you are on a diet, not even yourself. Instead you will think that you are watching your figure. The only thing you have to do now is enjoying your new life. You will feel livelier and every time you go up the stairs you won’t be so tired. Congratulations! Your efforts have been worth a while.

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