How to remove cellulite?

You need not be overweight to have cellulite, slim people as well as overweight ones can be affected. Even if you don’t have any, you will think some day you will have it and that’s the reason why you are constantly having a quick look at your thunder thighs area.

You try many cellulite creams, exercise to tone the thigh and buttock areas. Furthermore you take cold showers and massage your legs with a sponge to activate the blood pressure. In other words, you do whatever it takes to remove (or prevent) cellulite and you don’t exactly know what is going to work for you.

In this article we will explain what cellulite really is, how to remove it (or prevent it) and we will inform you about the benefits of leg exercising and the best treatments for cellulite.

What is cellulite?

There are two different types of cellulite. On one hand, you can find the term cellulitis, which refers to a skin infection. This issue will not be dealt with in this section, as we will be dealing with the type of esthetic cellulite, the second type.

The cellulite is a collection of fat deposits, excess water and trapped toxins which leave a dimpled appearance in thighs, stomach, and butt. Cellulite is also known as orange peel syndrome or cottage cheese skin.

This collection of fat is not harmful for your body (unless it is excessive) and it is very difficult to get it out, as around 90% of post-adolescent women go on to develop cellulite at some time during their lives.

You could take some advice, change your lifestyle or use some treatments to make cellulite disappear, or at least trying to reduce it considerably. As we said, cellulite is a collection of fat deposits, excess water and trapped toxins, so you will need to face up to these three problems.

Fight (or prevent) cellulite

In order to fight cellulite you must face those 3 factors we were talking about. Let’s treat them one by one.

Eliminate fat

We have bad news for you. There’s very little women can do in order to get rid of the located fat. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get rid of it. In fact, there are many non-surgical treatments that could help you, but we will talk about them at the end of this article.

When you read “eliminate fat” you might instantly think of the word “diet”. But it is not just diet, what you need to do is to learn how to eat correctly.

If you eat the right food, you will start to get rid of the undesired fat and you will also lose the fat located in thighs, stomach, and butt. That is why it is important you are in your right weight in order to fight cellulite efficiently. You also have to bear in mind how to follow a balanced diet not to accumulate fat in those complicated areas for you.

Eliminate liquid

There are many people who retain liquid very easily. Moreover, if you are a woman, that problem gets even worse in the previous days of your period.

Those liquids get accumulated in your whole body (they could even form those ugly bags, which sometimes are treated with facial surgery). You could, for example, avoid starchy foods, such as rice and pasta. But there are some other times you can’t do anything about it, so you must be patient and wait for these days to be over with.

As we were saying before, at the end of this article we will talk about non-surgical treatments that can help you to eliminate liquid.

Eliminate toxins

Toxins are the third factor for the cellulite. You will eliminate them at the same time you eliminate the located body fat, so you don’t need to worry about it too much.

If you have read this carefully, it is sure that you will have reached the following conclusion: the best thing you can do in order to fight cellulite is having a balanced diet.

So, all in all, that would be the main idea you need to take into account. But even if you eat the right thing it doesn’t mean you will get rid of cellulite. Having a healthy diet (eating vegetables, drinking juice, etc.) is only the basis of this treatment. In order to fight cellulite permanently you must follow the following advice.

Cellulite exercises

When you exercise, you might wonder: Which are the best exercises for fighting cellulite? Well, this is a very controversial issue and that is why you should read these explanations carefully, because otherwise you could be wasting your time doing a kind of exercise which is not appropriate.

Nowadays, all doctors agree with the idea that it is impossible to burn the located body fat. In other words, you have to know that even if you do a type of exercise that is specific for your legs you are not going to burn fat in that area. In the same way, if you keep doing sit-ups it doesn’t mean you will lose your belly fat.

Your body burns fat in the way it wants. So every time you go to the gym and see another person working really hard doing sit-ups, that person probably doesn’t know that he is burning fat from a different part of the body.

That’s the reason why you must exercise your whole body, muscle by muscle and leaving your embarrassment in the gym’s rest room. Exercise all your muscles, even those exercises men do (legs, back, breast, shoulders, etc) and develop them all the same.

Creating a good muscular basis you will be able to show off your sexy legs, once you have got rid of cellulite. So, even knowing that exercising won’t help you to burn the located body fat, it doesn’t mean you have the perfect excuse not to exercise ever in your life.

Therefore, you already have two essential keys to fight cellulite:

  • Eating healthy food.
  • Exercising.

From there on, you can think of following an anti-cellulite treatment. But it is important to clarify these two concepts because we all tend to put the cart before the horse.

The best remedies against cellulite

Here we would like to mention some remedies which are really proved to work against cellulite. First, let’s talk about the typical lotion you apply after taking a shower, but it would be worth a while to mention some other cellulite treatments. It is true, they are more expensive, but they are extremely more effective.

Cellulite creams

There’s nothing new about this that you don’t already know. There are thousands of creams and each of them have a different active ingredient. Buy the best one for you (it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one) and apply it constantly.

Generally speaking, it is enough to apply it after the shower, but there are some other creams you need to apply twice a day, according to the manufacturer.

In fact, cellulite creams do work for preventing and fighting cellulite, but they only take effect in cases cellulite is not very noticeable. For more noticeable cases these creams work for the most superficial part of the skin, that is the reason why you should probably choose some professional aesthetic treatment, which will be described below:


Mesotherapy is a technique, which targets problem areas, such as the buttocks, with microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This technique has been proved to work with good results.
You might be afraid of the fact a small needle is used for this treatment, but this injection is very superficial and you will barely feel anything.


You already know what a liposuction is and how it is done. Liposuction is a very effective remedy to eliminate fat and flaccidity when the physical exercise and diet didn’t give you good results.

The only problem of this treatment is you must go under the knife and nobody likes it. Anyway, the liposuction itself is not really dangerous, as it is a very simple procedure, and the results are amazing.

Another disadvantage of this treatment is the price, but it is worth it if you really want to eliminate cellulite forever.

In the following video, we will explain how to do a liposuction in a professional way. You must know that this treatment is suitable for both men and women and it is not only used to eliminate cellulite, but also to get rid of the belly fat and even the arm fat.

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